The story of a journey

Where the journey began

In this journey began some time ago, I explored the world of cooking from many perspectives that have enriched me with knowledge and experiences.
I had the desire to reach a harbor and stop for a while in order to share what this journey has taught me.
Different means of transport led me to visit places and meet people from all over the world with passion, curiosity, attention to detail.
Baccalunch is a way of conveying my creativity through the versatility of an extraordinary food that brings with it the history of the customs and the Italian cuisine: the codfish

The passion for cooking and the encounter with June Bellamy,
daughter of the last king of Burma

In 2000 I decided to follow my passion: cooking.
Shopping for cooking is what really gave me joy after work. I used to go to buy the ingredients in a specific, sought-after place. Mine was a Spontaneous Cuisine: “how I feel it, I do it.”
In those years, I had a great teacher: June Bellamy, the daughter of the last king of Burma. June brought multi-ethnic cuisine to Florence.
From her I learned the wise use of spices and the possibility of blending my cuisine with them, simply mixing the Italian taste with oriental flavors.

The love for Codfish

Each culinary journey is based on the client’s experience.

The codfish represents for me the synthesis of all previous experiences and travels. Codfish can be cooked in many ways and can be combined with cheeses, meat and other fish. It is so easily adaptable that allows me to express myself without limits.

His Majesty the Codfish. The simplest of ingredients has become the king of my culinary specialties. An ingredient that contains form and substance, which shows its nobility if celebrated with care and love.

Care and love are the basic ingredients of my cuisine.

Francesca Niccolini

Over 15 years of cooking experience

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